Our Services


· We offer the very best in residential and commercial floor coatings and concrete restoration.

·  From high-rise balconies and terraces to townhouse complexes and your  residence, our coatings are an efficient and cost effective choice for Home Owners & Property Management companies across the GTA.

​·  Our decorative coatings can give the appearance and performance of real  stone at a fraction of the cost. With endless creative possibilities,  let us make your vision a reality and transform your surfaces from  ordinary to extraordinary. 

· Hundreds of colour combinations    · Endless creative possibilities 
· Economical and easy to install        · Can be applied to most surfaces 
· Can withstand heavy traffic            · Endures harsh freeze thaw cycles 
· Excellent abrasion resistance          · Adds property value 


 Add beauty and value to your home or  property by resurfacing your old and weathered porch, veranda, walkway,  patio, terrace, pool area, garage floor, basement floor, or concrete  driveway. With a wide range of colour combinations and patterns to  choose from, we can create a unique design that suits your home and  personal taste.  


 From simplistic concrete repair to  complete railing replacement, our team of professionals is well-equipped  to take care of townhouse entrance ways, stairways, and landings patios etc.  Finished with non-slip surfaces for your peace of mine. We offer total  balcony and terraces restoration for high rises and condominium  corporations, with a wide range of slip-resistant options designed to  appeal to new and existing owners alike. Easily customize your  application for the perfect branded look. Our Overlay system is an ideal  and affordable choice that will continue to perform year after year.